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Table 1 Summary of brain zinc transporters and their alterations in the progression of AD

From: Zinc transporters in Alzheimer’s disease

Gene nameAliasTissue/ Subcellular localizationNeurological diseaseExpression levels in the progression of AD
SLC30A1ZnT1Dendritic spines, synaptic membranes [12]Alzheimer’s Disease [53]Decreased in PCAD, increased in both EAD and LAD [20, 53]
SLC30A3ZnT3Hippocampus, cortex [54]Alzheimer’s Disease [19], Learning deficit and memory loss [18]Decreased [19]
SLC30A4ZnT4Endosomal/secretory vesicles [53]Alzheimer’s Disease [55]Increased [55]
SLC30A5ZnT5Golgi apparatus [48]Alzheimer’s Disease [56]Unknown
SLC30A6ZnT6Golgi apparatus [48]Alzheimer’s Disease [53, 57]Increased [53, 55]
SLC30A7ZnT7Golgi apparatus [58]Alzheimer’s Disease [56]Increased [59]
SLC30A10ZnT10Brain and liver [14]Parkinson’s Disease [49]
Alzheimer’s Disease [60]
Decreased [60]
SLC39A1ZIP1Hippocampus, thalamus [15]Alzheimer’s Disease [61]Increased [61]
SLC39A3ZIP3Hippocampus pyramidal neurons [62]Seizure-induced CA1degeneration [62]Unknown
SLC39A4ZIP4Choroid plexus [15]Glioma [63]Unknown
SLC39A6ZIP6Hippocampal pyramidal apical membrane of choroid plexus [17]UnknownUnknown
SLC39A9ZIP9Trans-Golgi network [64]UnknownUnknown
SLC29A13ZIP13Golgi apparatus [14]SCD-EDS [65]Unknown