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Fig. 4

From: Delayed expression of activity-dependent gating switch in synaptic AMPARs at a central synapse

Fig. 4

The gating switch of synaptic AMPARs can be pharmacologically recapitulated. a The same experimental paradigm except that TBS is replaced by a 2 min co-application of 100 μM NMDA + 100 μM DHPG, which evokes bursts of action potentials (30–70 Hz, 30–60 ms bursts, every 0.5–1 s). b Examples of raw mEPSCs (top panels) are scaled and superimposed with accompanying curve fits (middle panels) for naïve (left column) and drug treated synapses (right column). The averaged mEPSCs are contrasted to show acceleration in the time course of mEPSCs after co-activation of NMDARs and Group 1 mGluRs after a 45 min non-invasive expression phase. c. Summary plots showing an increase in the size of A0.4 component of mEPSCs without affecting mEPSC amplitudes after co-activation of NMDARs and mGluRs. d Blocking action potentials with 1 μM TTX during co-application of the agonists prevents the increase in the relative weight of A0.4 component

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