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Fig. 5

From: Delayed expression of activity-dependent gating switch in synaptic AMPARs at a central synapse

Fig. 5

The AMPAR gating switch requires synergistic Ca2+ signaling to Ca2+ dependent kinases and protein synthesis. a-b Example recordings of raw and scaled mEPSCs from slices pretreated with EGTA-AM (a) or BAPTA-AM (b) followed by co-application of 100 μM NMDA + 100 μM DHPG show that BAPTA but not EGTA blocks the increase in the size of A0.4 of mEPSCs. c-e Summary plots showing PKC inhibitor (10 nM Go6983) (c) or CamKII blocker (15 μM KN-62) (d) or protein synthesis inhibitor (10 μM cyclohexamide) (e) blocks TBS-induced increase in the size of A0.4 component of mEPSCs. Note that cycloheximide increased the amplitude of mEPSCs in TBS treated synapses but not naïve synapses

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