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Table 3 Cell-type-specific requirements. UAS-RNAi transgenes were expressed under control of the eye-specific driver ey3.5-GAL4 or the WG-specific driver Mz97-GAL4. The penetrance of eye-specific or WG-specific knockdown phenotypes was then compared to that in both eye disc and WG knockdown animals in which UAS-RNAi was expressed under control of ey3.5-GAL4 and Mz97-GAL4

From: An RNAi screen for secreted factors and cell-surface players in coordinating neuron and glia development in Drosophila

GenesRNAi lineEye and WGEye onlyWG only
amaBDSC# 3341622/229/90/9
CadNBDSC# 2750322/228/80/8
domeBDSC# 3286011/1110/100/8
EGFRBDSC# 2578114/147/110/10
kuzBDSC# 669587/108/80/9
shgBDSC# 382077/105/100/8
nrgBDSC# 3749611/200/190/20