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Fig. 4

From: Tsukushi is essential for the development of the inner ear

Fig. 4

Dynamic cochlear gene expression in the CONT and TSK-KO mice. a, b Sox2 was detected in prosensory regions by in situ hybridization and immunolabeling in the CONT mice but was diminished in the TSK-KO mice at E13.5, E15.5, and P0. c BMP4 was detected by in situ hybridization in nonprosensory regions and outer sulcus in the CONT. In the TSK-KO, BMP4 was diminished in the outer sulcus, but sparsely distributed around the cochlear epithelium (d) qRT-PCR for Sox2 mRNA in the cochlear epithelium revealed that Sox2 mRNA was significantly diminished in TSK-KO as compared to its level in CONT. *, p = 0.03 at E13.5; *, p = 0.04 at E15.5; *, p = 0.01 at P0. e qRT-PCR for BMP4 RNA in the cochlear epithelial tissue revealed that BMP4 mRNA increased in the TSK-KO, but only marginally. p = 0.23 at E13.5; p = 0.37 at E15.5; p = 0.19 at P0. N.S.: not significant

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