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Fig. 4

From: Diverged morphology changes of astrocytic and neuronal primary cilia under reactive insults

Fig. 4

Arl mice exhibit a high incidence of spontaneous seizure activity. a Naturally occurring seizures occur in a large proportion of Arl mice. Blue: non-seizure; red: seizure. N = 78. b Both male and female Arl mice had seizure activity. Males had 16 mice out of 33 total exhibiting seizures. Females had 17 seizure mice out of 43 total. c Arl seizure mice exhibit a high Racine score on average. 15 non-seizure mice were compared with 10 seizure mice. ***, p < 0.001, unpaired Student’s t-test. d EEG/EMG recordings confirmed the occurrence of seizures among Arl mice. Epileptic waveform of EEG/EMG recording verified seizure activity in a mouse grading high on Racine score (bottom), compared to non-seizure Arl mice which lacked high-amplitude EEG/EMG waves (top). e Immunofluorescence staining of non-seizure and seizure brain tissue shows drastically elevated GFAP expression in tissues from seizure mice, indicative of astrocyte reactivity. Top, DG; bottom, CA1 region. Scale bar, 50 μm

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