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Fig. 4

From: Optical monitoring of glutamate release at multiple synapses in situ detects changes following LTP induction

Fig. 4

Optical glutamate signal at individual axonal boutons during LTP induction. a Characteristic time course of the fEPSP slope recorded in S. radiatum following LTP induction by high frequency stimulation (HFS, one-slice example). Traces, the corresponding fEPSP examples in baseline conditions (blue) and 30 min after LTP induction (red). b Image, ROI in S. radiatum (iGluSnFR.WPRE.SV40 channel) showing 4 axonal boutons, b1-b4, designated for glutamate release monitoring. Traces, iGluSnFR ΔF/F0 signal recorded from boutons b1-b4 before (blue) and ~ 30 min after (red) LTP induction. Traces are single-trial examples; arrows and dotted lines, afferent stimulus timestamps

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