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Fig. 1

From: The origin and development of subcortical U-fibers in gyrencephalic ferrets

Fig. 1

U-fibers labeled with DiI in the adult ferret brain. a A DiI crystal was inserted into the cerebral cortex of the adult ferret. Dorsal views of the brain are shown. The arrowheads indicate the position of the DiI crystal. b Coronal sections of the DiI-implanted brain. The asterisk indicates the position of a DiI crystal. c Magnified images of the boxed area in (b). DiI-positive fibers were observed in the white matter immediately deep to the cerebral cortex (arrowheads). The broken line indicates the border between the gray matter and the white matter. GM, gray matter; WM, white matter. Scale bars = 1 cm (a), 2 mm (b), 500 μm (c)

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