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Fig. 7

From: Functional specialization of retinal Müller cell endfeet depends on an interplay between two syntrophin isoforms

Fig. 7

β1-syn protein level remains unchanged in retinae of α1-syn KO mice. Confocal images showing β1-syn (in red) immunofluorescence labeling in WT and in α1-syn KO mice along with the endothelial marker lectin (in green). β1-syn is concentrated at the perivascular region in WT animals (arrows in a and c). β1-syn labeling is not effected in mice lacking α1-syn (arrows in b and d). Nuclear staining is shown in blue. Immunoblot showing β1-syn expression in total protein lysates from WT and α1-syn KO retinae (e). Statistical analysis of β1-syn expression in WT and α1-syn KO showed no difference between the two genotypes (f; n = 5 for each group). Statistics: independent samples t-test. Densitometric values are expressed as percentage of average WT values ± SD. GAPDH was used as the loading control. GCL-ganglion cell layer; IPL-inner plexiform layer; INL-inner nuclear layer; OPL-outer plexiform layer; ONL-outer nuclear layer. Scale bars = 20 μm

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