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Table 1 Flow cytometry antibody details

From: Ocular hypertension suppresses homeostatic gene expression in optic nerve head microglia of DBA/2 J mice

Antibody Fluorophore Source
Anti-mouse CD11b (clone M1/70) PE-Cy7 BD Biosciences, Cat # 552850
Anti-mouse CD11c (clone N418) PE Tonbo Biosciences, Cat # 50-0114-U025
Anti-mouse CD34 (clone RAM34) APC Thermo Fisher, Cat # 50-0341-82
Anti-mouse CD45.2 (clone 104) Brilliant Violet 421 Biolegend, Cat # 109831
Anti-human GFAP AF488 (pre-conjugated secondary) Abcam, Cat # ab4674