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Table 2 Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) of the patient at the age of 41.8 months

From: Endoplasmic reticulum retention and degradation of a mutation in SLC6A1 associated with epilepsy and autism

Qualitative Abnormalities in Reciprocal Social Interaction (RSD)
 Failure to use nonverbal communication to regulate social interaction (A1)6
 Failure to develop peer relationships (A2)4
 Lack of shared enjoyment (A3)6
 Lack of socioemotional reciprocity (A4)8
 Subtotal (Cut-off)24 (10)
Qualitative Impairments in Communication and Language (COM)
 Lack of, or delay in, spoken language and failure to compensate through gesture (B1)8
 Lack of varied spontaneous make-believe or social imitative play (B4)6
 Subtotal (Cut-off)14 (7)
Restricted, Repetitive, and Stereotyped Behaviors and interests (RRB) 
 Encompassing preoccupations or circumscribed pattern of interest (C1)0
 Apparently Compulsive Adherence to Nonfunctional Routines or Rituals (C2)0
 Stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms (C3)2
 Preoccupation with part of objects or nonfunctional elements of material (C4)2
 Subtotal (Cut-off)4 (3)
Abnormality of development evident at or before 36 months (Cutoff)5 (1)
Total (Cut-off)47 (21)
  1. COM qualitative abnormalities in communication, RRB restricted and repetitive Behavior; RSI qualitative abnormalities in reciprocal social interaction