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Table 3 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) of the patient at the age of 41.8 months

From: Endoplasmic reticulum retention and degradation of a mutation in SLC6A1 associated with epilepsy and autism

Language and Communication (SC)
 Frequency of spontaneous vocalization directed to others (A2)2
 Stereotyped/Idiosyncratic use of words or phrases (A5)0
 Use of another’s body (A6)0
 Pointing (A7)2
 Gestures (A8)2
 Subtotal (AUT, AS)6 (4, 2)
Reciprocal Social Interaction (SA)
 Unusual eye contact (B1)2
 Facial expression directed to others (B3)2
 Share enjoyment in interaction (B5)2
 Showing (B9)2
 Spontaneous initiation of joint attention (B10)2
 Response to joint attention (B11)2
 Quality of social overtures (B12)2
 Subtotal (AUT, AS)14 (7, 4)
 Total of SA and SC (AUT, AS)20 (12, 7)
 Functional play with objects (C1)2
 Imagination/Creativity (C2)2
Stereotyped Behaviors and Restricted Interests (RRB)
 Unusual sensory interest in play material/person (D1)1
 Hand and finger and other complex mannerisms (D2)2
 Unusually repetitive interests or stereotyped behaviors (D4)0
  1. AS autism spectrum cut-off, AUT autism cut-off; SA Social Affect, SC Social Communication, RRB Restricted and Repetitive Behavior