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Table 3 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) of the patient at the age of 41.8 months

From: Endoplasmic reticulum retention and degradation of a mutation in SLC6A1 associated with epilepsy and autism

Domain Score
Language and Communication (SC)
 Frequency of spontaneous vocalization directed to others (A2) 2
 Stereotyped/Idiosyncratic use of words or phrases (A5) 0
 Use of another’s body (A6) 0
 Pointing (A7) 2
 Gestures (A8) 2
 Subtotal (AUT, AS) 6 (4, 2)
Reciprocal Social Interaction (SA)
 Unusual eye contact (B1) 2
 Facial expression directed to others (B3) 2
 Share enjoyment in interaction (B5) 2
 Showing (B9) 2
 Spontaneous initiation of joint attention (B10) 2
 Response to joint attention (B11) 2
 Quality of social overtures (B12) 2
 Subtotal (AUT, AS) 14 (7, 4)
 Total of SA and SC (AUT, AS) 20 (12, 7)
 Functional play with objects (C1) 2
 Imagination/Creativity (C2) 2
 Subtotal 4
Stereotyped Behaviors and Restricted Interests (RRB)
 Unusual sensory interest in play material/person (D1) 1
 Hand and finger and other complex mannerisms (D2) 2
 Unusually repetitive interests or stereotyped behaviors (D4) 0
 Subtotal 3
  1. AS autism spectrum cut-off, AUT autism cut-off; SA Social Affect, SC Social Communication, RRB Restricted and Repetitive Behavior