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Table 4 Chinese Psychoeducational Profile-Third Edition (CPEP-3) of the patient at the age of 41.8 months

From: Endoplasmic reticulum retention and degradation of a mutation in SLC6A1 associated with epilepsy and autism

CPEP-3 subsetsRaw scoreDevelopment ages (months)PercentilesDevelopmental
/adaptive levels
Performance Test
 CVP0<  12<  2Severe
 EL0<  122Severe
 RL0<  122Severe
 FM1<  12<  2Severe
 GM3<  12<  2Severe
 VMI0<  122Severe
 SR1<  2Severe
Caregiver Report
 PB0<  2Severe
 PSC0<  12<  2Severe
 AB4<  2Severe
CompositesStandard scoreDevelopment ages (months)PercentilesDevelopmental
/adaptive levels
C (CVP + EL + RL)146.06Severe
M (FM + GM + VMI)46.01Severe
MB (AE + SR+ CMB + CVB)142Severe
  1. AB adaptive behavior, AE affective expression, CMB characteristic motor behaviors, CVB characteristic verbal behaviors, CVP cognitive verbal/preverbal, EL expressive language, FM fine motor, GM gross motor, PB problem behaviors, PSC personal self-care, RL receptive language, SR social reciprocity, VMI visual-motor imitation