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Fig. 5

From: A new mouse line with reduced GluA2 Q/R site RNA editing exhibits loss of dendritic spines, hippocampal CA1-neuron loss, learning and memory impairments and NMDA receptor-independent seizure vulnerability

Fig. 5

Locomotor, memory and learning deficits in GluA2+/ECS(G) mice. a GluA2+/ECS(G) mice exhibit significantly impaired locomotion in the open field test (n=12 (WT) and 6 (GluA2+/ECS(G))). b GluA2+/ECS(G) mice demonstrate impaired motor coordination and skill learning on the accelerating rotarod over three consecutive trials (n=11 in WT and 7 in GluA2+/ECS(G) group; Repeated Measures ANOVA, * = significant main effect of genotype on performance). c No significant differences occurred in pre-shock freezing between WT and GluA2+/ECS(G) mice, however GluA2+/ECS(G) mice exhibited significant memory and learning impairments on test day (n=9 (WT) and 7 (GluA2+/ECS(G)))

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