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Fig. 1

From: Immunogold labeling of synaptic vesicle proteins in developing hippocampal neurons

Fig. 1

Immunogold labeling of synaptophysin in dissociated hippocampal neuronal culture at 4 (a, b) and 5 (c, d) DIV. In neuronal soma (a), label is localized at the Golgi complex and on membranous structures (arrows in a). In axons (b-d), label is concentrated on aggregates of vesicles/vacuoles (arrow in b). However, not all vesicles/vacuoles are labeled (boxed area in b). The labeled aggregates consist of tubular (arrow in c) and vesicular structures. Clusters of SV-like vesicles of uniform size (~ 40 nm) are also intensely labeled (d). Scale bars = 100 nm, c & d shared the same scale bar

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