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Fig. 3

From: Epitranscriptomic profiling of N6-methyladenosine-related RNA methylation in rat cerebral cortex following traumatic brain injury

Fig. 3

Number of peaks, fold enrichment of peaks and length of peaks in each group after TBI. a, The peak number of each group. An average of 15,305 peaks in the TBI group and an average of 16,714 peaks in the sham group were identified. b, The enrichment of each group. The average logarithmic fold-enrichment of TBI group was 4.11, and the average logarithmic fold-enrichment of sham group was 3.72. c, The peak length of each group. The average peak length of TBI group was 3426.14 bp, and the average peak length of sham group was 3831.73 bp

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