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Fig. 2

From: Double deletion of the active zone proteins CAST/ELKS in the mouse forebrain causes high mortality of newborn pups

Fig. 2

High mortality of CAST KO; ELKS cKO newborn pups. a To generate the CAST/ELKS dKO in the forebrain, ELKS cKO mice (via CaMKII-Cre) were crossed with global KO of CAST. Breeding pairs of CAST KO; ELKSfl/fl; CaMKII-Cre−/− with CAST KO; ELKSfl/−; CaMKII-Cre+/− resulted in pups with four different genotypes: ELKS fl with Cre- (19 of 72 P0–1 pups) and Cre + (15), or ELKS fl/− with Cre- (24) and Cre + (14). Chi-squared test, p = 0.33 b The newborn CAST/ELKS dKO (CAST KO; ELKS flox; CaMKII Cre+) could not be distinguished from other genotypes and the body weight was not altered. n = 3 for each genotype. c Expression of CAST and ELKS in the forebrain at P0–1 was analyzed by western blot using the indicated antibodies. In dKO pups, Cre expression depleted the ELKS. d The survival curve indicates high mortality of CAST/ELKS dKO pups at P0–1. Data shows the mean survival rate of each mouse genotype (numbers are indicated in parentheses). e Monitoring of newborn pups showed all were reddish and appeared normal, suggesting functional cardiovascular and respiratory systems. However, dKO pups had no milk in their stomachs, while other genotypes did (arrows)

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