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Table 2 Open field activity in a novel environment (30 min recording) for control and ELKS-cKO mice

From: Double deletion of the active zone proteins CAST/ELKS in the mouse forebrain causes high mortality of newborn pups

MalenDistance traveled (m) Distance (%)Presence time (min)Resting time (min)
Cont6505.84Outer area73.423.53.23
Inner area26.66.50.57
ELKS cKO9458.68Outer area72.424.44.25
Inner area27.65.60.65
 Cont5524.62Outer area69.822.93.18
Inner area30.27.10.72
 ELKS cKO5576.83Outer area75.325.13.51
Inner area25.35.00.44
 Cont11514.4Outer area71.823.23.21
Inner area28.26.80.64
 ELKS cKO14499.6Outer area73.524.73.99
Inner area26.55.30.60
  1. Data were averaged from indicated sample size (n). The field (80 cm in diameter circle) was divided into two concentric circles: an outer area (10 cm ring along the wall) and an inner circular area (60 cm in diameter)