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Fig. 5

From: TRPC1 mediates slow excitatory synaptic transmission in hippocampal oriens/alveus interneurons

Fig. 5

Selectivity of siRNA transfection targeting TRPC1 and TRPC4 expression in hippocampal organotypic slice cultures. a. Representative western blots of TRPC1 (top) and TRPC4 (middle) 48 h after biolistic transfection of hippocampal slice cultures with siCTL, siTRPC1 or siTRPC4, with Actin (bottom) used as loading control. b. Densitometric analysis of TRPC1 and TRPC4 expression normalized to actin value. Values in slices transfected with siTRPC1 or siTRPC4 were expressed relative to slices transfected with siCTL. Results are expressed as mean ± s.e.m. from at least 3 independent experiments. (*p < 0.05)

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