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Fig. 7

From: Scopoletin ameliorates anxiety-like behaviors in complete Freund’s adjuvant-induced mouse model

Fig. 7

Binding interactions of SP with GABA-T, GABAAR, NMDAR, and AMPAR. a-h Superimposition of SP (gray) with the co-crystallized ligands (light blue) vigabatrin (a), diazepam (c), ifenprodil (e), and NBQX (g) against GABA-T (PDB code: 1OHW), GABAAR (PDB code: 6HUP), NMDAR (PDB code: 4PE5), and AMPAR (PDB code: 6QKC); the yellow and light blue dashes represent hydrogen bonds and π-π stacking, respectively. The 2D interaction diagram shows the major binding sites between SP and GABA-T (b), GABAAR (d), NMDAR (f), and AMPAR (h); the purple arrow and the green line represent hydrogen bonds and π-π stacking, respectively

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