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Table 1 Characterization of iPSCs

From: Unveiling synapse pathology in spinal bulbar muscular atrophy by genome-wide transcriptome analysis of purified motor neurons derived from disease specific iPSCs

iPSC clones
SBMASBMA1Japanesemale4252SBMA1E-12, 18
SBMA2Japanesemale4647SBMA2E-16, 44
SBMA3Japanesemale3350SBMA3E-10, 11
SBMA4Japanesemale3849SBMA4E-5, 21
ControlTIG114Japanesemale3624TIGE-9a, 22
YFJapanesemale2421YFE-16a, 19
  1. All SBMA patients were not treated with leuprorelin at the time of skin biopsy
  2. a [20], b [21]