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Fig. 4

From: Nicotinamide attenuates the decrease in dendritic spine density in hippocampal primary neurons from 5xFAD mice, an Alzheimer’s disease animal model

Fig. 4

A graphical summary of this study, i.e. the reduction in nicotinamide in the hippocampus from 5xFAD mice as evaluated with untargeted metabolomics profiling, and the effect of supplementation on dendritic spine density of hippocampal primary neuron cultures from 5xFAD mice. 5xFAD mice displayed decreased content of nicotinamide and AMP, and increased content of LysoPC (16:0), LysoPC (18:0), LysoPE (16:0) in the hippocampus age-dependently. The addition of nicotinamide to hippocampal primary neuron culture from 5xFAD mice restored the reduced dendritic spine density. These results suggest nicotinamide as a therapeutic target in AD

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