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Table 3 Results of metabolic pathway analysis

From: Causal relationships between genetically determined metabolites and human intelligence: a Mendelian randomization study

Metabolic pathway Involved Metabolites P value Database
Alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid metabolism Docosapentaenoate (n3 DPA; 22:5n3);
Linolenate (18:3n3 or 6)
0.0062 SMPDB
Alpha-linolenic acid metabolism Linolenate (18:3n3 or 6) 0.0702 KEGG
Glutathione metabolism 5-Oxoproline 0.0912 KEGG
Beta oxidation of very long chain fatty acids Acetylcarnitine 0.0989 SMPDB
Fructose and mannose metabolism Mannitol 0.1140 KEGG
Oxidation of branched chain fatty acids Acetylcarnitine 0.1622 SMPDB
Tryptophan metabolism Indolelactate 0.1816 KEGG