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Table 1 Comprehensive behavioral test battery in Trpm1−/− mice

From: Mice with mutations in Trpm1, a gene in the locus of 15q13.3 microdeletion syndrome, display pronounced hyperactivity and decreased anxiety-like behavior

Test Age (weeks old)
General health/neurological screen 11–12
Grip strength/wire hang test 11–12
Light/dark transition (Dark box start) 11–12
Open field 11–12
Elevated plus maze 12–13
Hot plate 12–13
Social interaction (novel environment) 12–13
Rotarod 12–13
Social approach and novelty preference (Crawley’s ver.) 13–14
Acoustic startle response and prepulse inhibition 13–14
Porsolt forced swim 15–16
Gait analysis 16–17
Barnes maze_Training 20–23
Barnes maze_PT1(24 h) 22–23
Barnes maze_PT2 (1 M) 27–28
T-maze spontaneous alternation 31–32
Light/dark transition (Light box start) 34–35
Tail suspension 34–35
Contextual and cued fear conditioning_Day1 (conditioning) 34–35
Contextual and cued fear conditioning_Day2 (context and cued) 34–35
Contextual and cued fear conditioning_Day30 (remote memory) 38–39
Wire hang test_2nd 38–39
Social interaction in home cage 39–40
Home cage test (daily activity) 40–43
Open field test + MPH (10 mg/kg) 74–75
Open field test + MPH (3 mg/kg) 79–81