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Table 3 Canonical pathways modulated in the cerebrovasculature of the inferior frontal gyrus between Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients and controls from different APOE genotype backgrounds

From: APOE genotype dependent molecular abnormalities in the cerebrovasculature of Alzheimer’s disease and age-matched non-demented brains

  1. Identified canonical pathways were generated from the list of significantly modulated proteins between AD vs controls from APOE2/E3, APOE3/E3, APOE3/E4 and APOE4/E4 genotypes using Ingenuity pathway analyses. Values represent negative log 10 of FDR adjusted P value after Fischer’s test and Benjamin Hochberg correction. Significant cut-off is set at \(\ge\) 2. AD vs control APOE2/E3 genotype (5 pathways identified), AD vs control APOE3/E3 genotype (16 pathways identified), AD vs control APOE3/E4 genotype (24 pathways identified), and AD vs control APOE4/E4 genotype (14 pathways identified). Orange highlights—unique to E2/E3 only, Green highlights—unique to E3/E3 only, Blue highlights—unique to E3/E4 only, Red highlights—unique to E4/E4 only