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Fig. 1

From: Expression profile of synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A, B, and C paralogues in temporal neocortex tissue from patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE)

Fig. 1

(The single cell data are derived from Pfisterer et al. [27])

Levels of SV2A (A), SV2B (B) and, SV2C (C) among cardinal subtypes of cortical neurons. Data presents expression levels of SV2A (A), SV2B (B) and, SV2C (C) transcripts among cardinal subtypes of GABAergic and Glutamatergic neurons in temporal neocortex of TLE (temporal lobe epilepsy) patients (n = 9) and non-epileptic postmortem controls (n = 10) by single nucleus RNA sequencing. Distribution of log-normalized expression (y-axis) per cell types (x-axis) is shown for SV2A (A), SV2B (B) and SV2C (C). First, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% of expression were estimated for each patient and cell type. Then, trimmed means of these values across samples were estimated for each condition and cell type (trim = 0.3). These averaged values are shown with boxplots: the middle line represents median, lower and upper hinges correspond to quartiles (25% and 75%) and whiskers represent 10% and 90% of expression. When there are no whiskers present, the expression is 0 across all cells of a subtype. Left panels indicates Parvalbumin (Pvalb), Somatostatin (Sst), Inhibitor of DNA Binding-2 (Id-2), Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (Vip) expressing neurons which are the main four cardinal classes of GABAergic neurons. Excitatory glutamatergic neurons of five principal layers in the cortex (i.e. L2, L3, L4, L5, and L6) were shown in the right panels

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