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Table 4 Enhancers of the Pink1-RNAi wing phenotype

From: Genome-wide screen for modifiers of Parkinson's disease genes in Drosophila

Deficiencies Breakpoints Strength of modificationa
Df(2L)net-PMF 21A1;21B7-8 ++
Df(2L)BSC4 21B7-C1;21C2-3 ++
Df(2L)BSC16 21C3-4;21C6-8 ++
Df(2L)BSC17 30C3-5;30F1 ++
Df(2L)BSC50 30F5;31B1 +++
Df(2R)nap9 42A1-2;42E6-F1 ++
Df(2R)cn9 42E;44C ++
Df(2R)BSC29 45D3-4;45F2-6 ++
Df(2R)BSC39 48C5-D1;48D5-E1 ++
Df(2R)BSC3 48E12-F4;49A11-B6 +++
Df(2R)BSC22 56D7-E3;56F9-12 ++
Df(3L)BSC27 65D4-5;65E4-6 ++
Df(3L)BSC14 67E3-7;68A2-6 +++
Df(3L)XG5 71C2-3;72B1-C1 +++
Df(3L)ED4782 75F2;76A1 ++
Df(3L)HD1 79D3-E1;79F3-6 ++
Df(3R)BSC47 83B7-C1;83C6-D1 ++
Df(3R)Tpl10 83C1-2;84B1-2 ++
  1. Each deficiency was crossed into the Pink1 knockdown background and the wing posture phenotype was scored. Crosses were maintained at 25°C.
  2. a Each '+' represents 1.0 SD from the mean (i.e. ~64.5%) observed for Pink1 RNAi alone flies. Deficiencies that also enhanced park RNAi wing posture phenotype (Table 1) are indicated in bold.