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Table 2 LB type pathology in PA patient’s postmortem brain

From: Mitochondrial dysfunction associated with increased oxidative stress and α-synuclein accumulation in PARK2 iPSC-derived neurons and postmortem brain tissue

Brain area LB type pathology
Brainstem lesion IX-X +++
LC +++
SN ++
Basal forebrain/Limbic nbM ++
Amy ++
Ent +
Cing +
Neocortical T -
F -
  P -
  1. IX-X, motor cranial nerves IX-X; LC, Locus Coeruleus; SN, Substantia Nigra; nbM, nucleus basal of Meynert; Amy, Amygdala; Ent, Entorhinal cortex; T, Temporal lobe; F, Frontal lobe; P, Parietal lobe.