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Table 2 Primary antibodies used in immunohistochemistry

From: Repair of astrocytes, blood vessels, and myelin in the injured brain: possible roles of blood monocytes

Antibody Source Dilution Catalogue no. Company
APC (CC-1) mouse 1:200 OP80 Calbiochem
CD11b mouse 1:200 MCA275G Serotec
CD45 mouse 1:200 MCA43R Serotec
CD68 mouse 1:300 MCA341R Serotec
EAAT1 rabbit 1:800 416 Abcam
GFAP mouse 1:700 G3893 Sigma
Iba-1 rabbit 1:1000 019-19741 Wako
Ki-67 rabbit 1:200 AB9260 Chemicon
Kir4.1 rabbit 1:800 apc-035 Alomone
LAMP2 rabbit 1:200 L0668 Sigma
MAP2 mouse 1:1000 M4403 Sigma
MR rabbit 1:200 ab64693 Abcam
Olig2 rabbit 1:200 OB-905 IBL
SMI 71 mouse 1:500 SMI-71R Sternberger Monoclonals
S100β rabbit 1:800 37 Swant
TH rabbit 1:1000 P40101 Pel-Freeze
Vimentin mouse 1:200 MAB3400 Chemicon