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Figure 3

From: Enhanced stability of hippocampal place representation caused by reduced magnesium block of NMDA receptors in the dentate gyrus

Figure 3

Tissue-specific expression of the mutant GluN2A(N595Q) subunit. (A) The lacZ expression in Cre transgenic mice (TDG-Cre) was visualized using X-gal staining. Scale bars: 1 mm in the upper panel, 100 μm in the lower panel. (B) Schematics of the WT and mutant GluN2A subunits are shown in the upper panel. Transmembrane segments (M1–M3) and the N595Q position (Asn and Gln) in M2 are indicated. RT-PCR analyses of RNA from various brain regions of control (GluN2A+/+-TDGCre and GluN2Aflox/flox) and mutant mice (GluN2Aflox/flox-TDGCre) are shown in the lower panel. The PCR products, 521-bp fragments in WT and mutant cDNAs (band a), were the expected size and completely digested by Nco I to the predicted lengths (band c: 278 bp, and d: 243 bp). Eco RI digestion resulted in two bands (band b: 338 bp, and e: 183 bp) in the PCR products from the DG of mutant mice, but not from the cerebellum. U, uncut; E, Eco RI digestion; N, Nco I digestion.

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