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Table 1 Cortical and hippocampus cytokine levels in mice treated with 1mg/kg of LPS

From: Impairment of autophagy in the central nervous system during lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory stress in mice

  Cortex Hippocampus
IL-1β 28.07±7.53 35.05±15.55 62.65±16.35 40.4±14.80
TNF-α 3.57±1.30 2.83±0.80 6.53±1.42 1.47±0.62
IL-6 3.06±1.02 6.07±1.16 3.23±0.88 3.05±0.96
  1. Levels of IL-1β, TNF-α and IL-6 measured by ELISA in cortex and hippocampus of 3- months old mice treated with one i.p. injection of LPS at 1mg/kg or saline (0.9% NaCl) and sacrificed after 3 hours. Cytokine levels are expressed in pg/mg of protein. Results are±SEM of 3 mice per group. ND: not detectable, under the limit of detection.