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Table 2 One-way ANOVA analysis of the electron microscopy, immunostaining and Western blot data

From: Elevation of brain magnesium prevents synaptic loss and reverses cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease mouse model

Value Basal Stimulation
F value P value Figure F value P value Figure
Structural synapses F (2,14) β=β7.243 0.0069 Figure2A NA NA NA
Synaptophysin F (2,15) β=β26.21 <0.0001 Figure2B NA NA NA
GAD65 F (2,15) β=β4.130 0.0373 Figure2D NA NA NA
NR2B/GAPDH F (2,12) β=β1.026 0.3877 Figure3B F (2,14) β=β55.26 <0.0001 Figure3B
pCamkII/CamkII F (2,12) β=β0 1 Figure3C F (2,14) β=β4.269 0.0357 Figure3C
pCreb/Creb F (2,12) β=β0 1 Figure3D F (2,14) β=β9.883 0.0021 Figure3D
BACE1/GAPDH F (2,12) β=β28.70 < 0.0001 Figure5C F (2,14) β=β60.76 <0.0001 Figure5C
Synaptophysin NA NA NA F (2,16) β=β20.15 <0.0001 Figure7F
  1. NA: not applicable.