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Figure 1

From: Genome-wide screen for modifiers of Na+/K+ATPase alleles identifies critical genetic loci

Figure 1

Distribution of phenotypic modifiers identified through a deficiency screen. A-C) ATPalpha mutant animals also bearing individual unique chromosomal deficiencies (Df) were assayed for conditional locomotor function to identify modifiers. The data reveal a largely normal distribution centered around a typical response (blue) for each mutant. Those deviating from the typical response were termed putative enhancers (yellow) or suppressors (red). A) ATPalphaCJ5, Df double mutants and B) ATPalphaCJ10, Df double mutants were assayed for recovery from mechanical stress at adult day 15. C) ATPalphaDTS1, Df double mutants were assayed for time to TS paralysis on adult day 1. A-C) The mean response is shown as a dashed green line. +/− 0.5 Std. Dev. are indicated by gray shading.

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