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Table 6 Single gene effects confirmed for ATPalpha alleles using RNAi

From: Genome-wide screen for modifiers of Na+/K+ATPase alleles identifies critical genetic loci

Cytological region Gene Putative function# ATPα Allele Nature of interaction Significance
21A1-21B1 Galectin Galactoside binding [45] CJ10 Suppressor **
21A1-21B1 Galectin CJ5 Suppressor ***
22 F4-22 F4 CG3528 Unknown DTS1 Enhancer *
22 F4-22 F4 CG3528   CJ10 Suppressor *
22 F4-22 F4 CG3528   CJ5 Suppressor *
27E-28B1 Ndae1 Na + driven anion exchanger [47] CJ5 Enhancer *
29B4-29E4 Glt Cell surface glycoprotein [50] CJ10 Suppressor *
30C8-30C9 Ppk11 Sodium channel [52] CJ5 Suppressor **
31C-32E FKBP59 Calcium channel regulator [53] CJ5 Suppressor ***
31C-32E FKBP59 DTS1 Enhancer *
33A1-33A1 Vha100-5 ATPase, proton transport DTS1 Enhancer *
33A2-33A2 Esc Histone methyltransferase component [74] DTS1 Enhancer ***
33A2-33A2 Esc CJ10 Suppressor **
34E4-35B4 Dyrk2 Serine/Threonine kinase [55] DTS1 Enhancer *
34E4-35B4 Dyrk2 CJ5 Suppressor ***
37A2-37A4 Ham Transcription factor [75] DTS1 Suppressor *
37A2-37A4 Ham CJ5 Suppressor **
37C1-37C1 Ddc Amino acid decarboxylase [76] CJ5 Suppressor ***
25 F1-36A1 CG5888 Toll 3 like Receptor CJ10 Suppressor **
25 F1-36A1 CG5888 CJ5 Suppressor *
50C5-50C6 Stj Voltage-gated calcium channel regulatory subunit [77],[78] DTS1 Enhancer ****
50C5-50C6 Stj CJ5 Enhancer **
51D1-51D1 Cyp6a19 Cytochrome P450 CJ10 Suppressor *
62E8-63B6 Spz5 Neurotrophin [61],[62] DTS1 Suppressor **
62E8-63B6 Spz5 CJ10 Suppressor *
62E8-63B6 Rasp Palmitoyl transferase [65],[66] CJ5 Suppressor ***
63A3-63A3 FMRFaR Neuropeptide receptor [79] DTS1 Enhancer **
63A3-63A3 FMRFaR CJ10 Suppressor **
63A3-63A3 FMRFaR CJ5 Suppressor ****
64C2-64C5 Con Homophilic cell adhesion [80] DTS1 Suppressor *
64C2-64C5 Con CJ5 Suppressor **
67A2-67D13 Aay Predicted phosphoserine phosphatase CJ10 Suppressor *
67A2-67D13 Aay CJ5 Suppressor **
67B9-67B9 Uch-L5 26S Proteasome component [81] DTS1 Enhancer *
67D11-67D11 Scramb1 Phosphatidyl serine scramblase CJ10 Suppressor **
99B5-99B6 Dop1R2 Dopamine 1-like receptor [82],[83] CJ5 Suppressor ***
99B6-99B6 Ppk21 Sodium channel DTS1 Suppressor **
99B6-99B6 Ppk21 CJ10 Suppressor *
100B9-100B9 Ppk24 Sodium channel DTS1 Suppressor **
100B9-100B9 Ppk24 CJ5 Suppressor *
100B9-100B9 Ppk24 CJ10 Suppressor **
100C1-100C1 CG11340 Predicted chloride channel DTS1 Suppressor *
100C1-100C1 CG11340 CJ5 Suppressor ***
100C1-100C1 CG11340 CJ10 Suppressor *
  1. Many genes had an interaction with more than one allele, although some appear to be allele specific. RNAi knockdowns were compared with ATPalpha*, daGal4/+ controls. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, ****p < 0.0001.
  2. #Function per and/or listed citation.