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Figure 2

From: Nlrx1 regulates neuronal cell death

Figure 2

Nlrx1 protects from rotenone-induced cell death. (A) Cells were treated with 10 μM and 100 μM rotenone for 24 hours, n = 3. (B) Cells were treated for 24 h with 100 μM rotenone 100 μM Z-VAD FMK, and 40 μM BRD, n = 3. (C) Staurosporine treatment for 24 h kills all cells equally with exception of Nlrx1 KI cells at 0.5 μM concentration, n = 3. (D) Western blotting for markers of necrosis HSP90 and HMGB1 and marker of apoptosis active cleaved-caspase-3. * p < 0.001.

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