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Fig. 3

From: Fluid consumption and taste novelty determines transcription temporal dynamics in the gustatory cortex

Fig. 3

Novel taste affects dynamics of transcription differentially from familiar taste. a Volcano plot for gene expression’s temporal dynamics- 1 h to 3 h. Novel taste learning with 0.1 % saccharin induced more differentially expressed genes than familiar water. In addition, more genes in the saccharin group are higher in 1 h compared to 3 h. Arc/Arg3.1, Btg2, Dusp6 and Nr4a1 in both water and novel 0.1 % saccharin groups marked. The black boxes represent the cut-off limits for the p-value and fold change. b Comparison between the amounts of differentially expressed genes for each fold change normalized to the number of genes from the common list. Novel taste learning induced more differentially modulated genes in the 1 h to 3 h temporal dynamics compared to water for p < 0.05 and various fold change values described in X axis. The values on the graph represent the number of differentially expressed genes for each fold change

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