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Table 2 Summary of LPTC defects resulting from elav-GAL4 driven expression of UAS-Moe constructs

From: The ERM protein Moesin is essential for neuronal morphogenesis and long-term memory in Drosophila

  Control MoeKD Myc-Moe Myc-MoeT559D
Numbera 19 21 15 18
Abnormal morphologyb (%) 0 76 40 22
Increased intensity of Lifeact in VS1 dendritic protrusionsc (%) 0 n/ad 0 44
  1. aThe percentage of each lobe phenotype was calculated from the total number of brain hemispheres analyzed for each genotype (n). bBrain hemispheres were scored as “abnormal morphology” when one or more branches were missing, reduced in length or thinner than controls. cThe relative intensity of Lifeact in the dendritic protrusions was visually compared to that of the branch. If the protusion/branch intensity appeared higher than control brains, it was scored as “increased”. dMoeKD was unable to be scored due to the severe branching defects. All analyses were performed by a blinded observer