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Fig. 4

From: Activity-dependent decrease in contact areas between subsurface cisterns and plasma membrane of hippocampal neurons

Fig. 4

Both the total number of SSC (a) and the average length of SSC (b) significantly decreased upon depolarization with high K+ (90 mM, 2 min) and returned to control values upon 30 min of recovery in control medium. (n) = number of experiments listed on the bottom of bars in (a). Complete data from all experiments are listed in Additional files 1 and 2 (exp 1–4). For number of SSC: P < 0.005, control vs. K; P < 0.05, K vs. recovery by ANOVA. For length of SSC: P < 0.0005, control vs. K; P < 0.005, K vs. recovery by ANOVA

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