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Fig. 2

From: Distribution of Caskin1 protein and phenotypic characterization of its knockout mice using a comprehensive behavioral test battery

Fig. 2

Distribution of Caskin1 in mouse tissue and specificity of anti-Caskin1 antibodies. (a and b) Western blot analysis of Caskin1 expression in wild-type (WT) and Caskin1-KO (KO) mouse tissues. Total proteins from the indicated tissues (20 μg/lane) were resolved on a 7.5% SDS-PAGE gels, and Caskin1 was detected with anti-Caskin1/2C antibody after blotting to a PVDF membrane. c Western blot analysis of subcellular fractions of cerebrum from WT and KO mice. Total proteins (7 μg) were reacted with anti-Caskin1/2C (top), anti-Caskin1 (middle), and anti-PSD-95 (bottom) antibodies. Arrowheads indicate the Caskin1 protein band

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