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Fig. 5

From: Distribution of Caskin1 protein and phenotypic characterization of its knockout mice using a comprehensive behavioral test battery

Fig. 5

Assessment of muscle strength and motor functions in wild-type and Caskin1-KO mice. a Analysis of neuromuscular strength by grip strength (N) and wire hang latency (sec). P-values indicate genotype effect in one-way ANOVA. b Latency to falling off the rotating rod (sec) in the Rotarod test. P-value indicates genotype effect in two-way repeated-measures ANOVA. (c and d) Gait disturbance in gait analysis test of front paws (c) and hind paws (d). P-values indicate genotype effect in one-way ANOVA. In c and d, significance was set at α = 0.05/9 by post hoc Bonferroni’s multiple-comparison test. All values are presented as means ± SEM

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