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Table 2 Comparison of fluoxetine-induced effects on cell maturity and neurogenesis in rodents and marmosets

From: Fluoxetine-induced dematuration of hippocampal neurons and adult cortical neurogenesis in the common marmoset

Region Marker Rodents*1 Marmosets*2
Cell maturity CR
Increase [10, 12] Increase
Increase [17] Increase
Decrease [10, 18] Not significant
(mature fast-spiking cells)
Decrease [12] Decrease
Neurogenesis BrdU
Increase [5,6,7] Not significant
Cerebral cortex Cell maturity PV/PNN
(mature fast-spiking cells)
Decrease [12] Not significant
Neurogenesis Ki67/GAD67
(L1-INP cells)
Increase [9] Increase (non-significant)*3
(new interneurons)
Increase [9] Increase
Amygdala Cell maturity PNN/PV
(mature fast-spiking cells)
Decrease [11, 12] Not significant
SVZ Neurogenesis BrdU or Ki67
Decrease [15] Unknown
  1. CR Calretinin, DCX Doublecortin, CB Calbindin, PV Parvalbumin, PNN Perineuronal net, BrdU Bromodeoxyuridine, GAD67 Glutamate decarboxylase 67, SVZ Subventricular zone. *1Fluoxetine dosage: 10–18 mg/kg/day; *2fluoxetine dosage: 3 mg/kg/day; *3P = 0.098