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Table 2 The primary antibodies used for the protein expression in the study

From: Proteomic profiling of the neurons in mice with depressive-like behavior induced by corticosterone and the regulation of berberine: pivotal sites of oxidative phosphorylation

Name Resource Dilution Match number and company
BDNF Rabbit polyclonal antibody 1:1000 28,205–1-AP, Proteintech at Shanghai, China
CREB Rabbit monoclonal antibody 1:1000 ab32515, Abcam at Shanghai, China
GR (Ab211) Rabbit polyclonal antibody 1:1000 TA313373, Origene at Shanghai, China
AMPA Rabbit monoclonal antibody 1:1000 ab109450, Abcam at Shanghai, China
NMDA Rabbit polyclonal antibody 1:1000 A327881, Origene at Shanghai, China
β-actin Mouse monoclonal antibody 1:1000 TA-09, Zhongshan Jinqiao Biotech Company, Beijing, China