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Fig. 1

From: The small GTPase ARF6 regulates GABAergic synapse development

Fig. 1

ARF6 is localized to GABAergic synapses. a, Representative images of cultured mouse cortical neurons from mouse embryos electroporated at E15.5 with Arf6-HA-IRES-EGFP and gephyrin-tdTomato. Cultured cortical neurons were subsequently immunostained for HA at DIV14. Scale bars, 10 μm. b Summary data showing the average intensity of ARF6 at the dendritic spine and gephyrin+ puncta. Data are presented as means ± SEMs (n = 40–45 ARF6+ immunoreactive puncta). c Pie chart showing the proportion of HA-ARF6 immunoreactive signals at dendritic spines, gephyrin-positive inhibitory synapses, and non-synaptic sites (spine-negative and gephyrin-negative immunoreactive puncta)

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