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Fig. 3

From: Functional specialization of retinal Müller cell endfeet depends on an interplay between two syntrophin isoforms

Fig. 3

Electron micrographs showing AQP4 immunogold labeling in different vascular layers of the retina. The perivascular Müller cell membrane shows high density of immunogold labeling for AQP4 in WT retina (a, d, and g). Significant reduction in perivascular AQP4 labeling is seen in mice lacking β1-syn (b, e and h). A near complete loss of perivascular AQP4 labeling is seen in mice that lack both α1- and β1-syn (c, f and i). The arrowheads point to the endfoot domain facing the blood vessel. GCL-ganglion cell layer; IPL-inner plexiform layer; OPL-outer plexiform layer; L-lumen; E-endothelium; P-pericyte; * = basement membrane. Scale bar = 200 nm

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