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Fig. 5

From: Sex difference in synaptic plasticity in the anterior cingulate cortex of adult mice

Fig. 5

Recording LTD in the ACC of a female mouse. a The spatial distribution of evoked field potentials in the female mouse ACC of baseline (black) and the variation of fEPSPs after LFS (red). The superimposed sample on the left side of the network figure showed two different types of plasticity: channels with a slope decrease of more than 20% represent LTD marked as ‘1’; channels that the fEPSP slope don’t change after LFS are marked as ‘2’. b-c Time-varying slope in all activated channels from one slice of the female mouse: 4 channels with LTD (b) and 7 channels with none-LTD (c). d The final averaged slope of all 11 channels after LFS (83.30 ± 7.63% of the baseline) from one slice of female mouse

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