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Table 2 Cell type specific gene expression

From: Ocular hypertension suppresses homeostatic gene expression in optic nerve head microglia of DBA/2 J mice

Cell type Gene Average expression (log2 CPM) a
Myeloid Tmem119 9.53
Myeloid P2ry12 9.93
Myeloid Siglech 8.53
Myeloid Gpr34 7.79
Myeloid Olfml3 9.06
Myeloid Cx3cr1 10.88
Myeloid Aif1 (Iba1) 7.23
Myeloid (activated) Itgax 4.66
Myeloid (activated) Ccr2 3.73
Myeloid (activated) Ly6c1 0.94
Myeloid (activated) Mrc1 (CD206) 4.89
Myeloid (activated) Cd68 8.60
Astrocyte Gfap 0.80
Astrocyte Gjb6 N.D
Astrocyte Ntsr2 N.D
Astrocyte Aldh1l1 −0.50
Astrocyte Aldoc N.D
Astrocyte Aqp4 0.38
Oligodendrocyte Mobp N.D
Oligodendrocyte Mog N.D
Oligodendrocyte Cldn11 N.D
Oligodendrocyte Plp N.D
Neuronal Tubb3 N.D
Neuronal Vglut1 N.D
Neuronal Rpbox3 (NeuN) N.D
Neuronal Syt1 1.75
Neuronal Stmn2 N.D
Neuronal Snap25 3.44
Neuronal Eno2 2.52
Neuronal Syn1 N.D
Housekeeping Actb 12.09
Housekeeping Gapdh 9.35
  1. N.D not detected (below cut-off), a average across all D2 and D2-Gpnmb+ samples