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Table 1 Summary of Preclinical Efficacy of Group I mGlu Receptor Ligands

From: Targeting metabotropic glutamate receptors for novel treatments of schizophrenia

  Positive Symptom Models Negative Symptom Models Cognition Models
mGlu 1 PAMs
 VU0483605 No effect on AHL [41]   
mGlu 1 NAMs
 FTIDC Reduced methamphetamine hyperlocomotion (MHL) [56]
Ameliorated METH-induced deficits in PPI [56]
 CFMTI Reduced MHL and NMDAR antagonist-induced hyperlocomotion (NMDAR-HL) [57]
Ameliorated METH and KET-disrupted PPI [57]
Ameliorated MK-801-disrupted social interaction [57] No effect on object location memory (OLM) [57]
mGlu 5 PAMs
 CDPPB Reduced AHL [70]
Ameliorated AMP-disrupted PPI [69, 70]
Attenuated MK-801-induced decrease in sucrose preference [223] Enhanced learning in Morris water maze (MWM) [72]
Attenuated MK-801-induced deficits in cognitive flexibility [224]
Improved PCP-induced deficits in novel object recognition (NOR) [225]
 5PAM523 Reduced AHL [76]   
 VU0409551 Reduced AHL and NMDAR-HL [81]   Enhanced contextual fear conditioning (CF) [81]
Enhanced NOR [81]
Enhanced working memory/executive function in the delayed non-matching to position (DNMTP) task [81]
Improved contextual CF deficits in SR−/− mice [81]