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Fig. 6

From: TRPC1 mediates slow excitatory synaptic transmission in hippocampal oriens/alveus interneurons

Fig. 6

Selective knockdown of TRPC1, but not TRPC4, reduces slow EPSCs in O/A INs. a. Merged fluorescence and differential infrared contrast microscopy images showing a EYFP-expressing O/A IN. The gold particle from transfection is marked by an arrow and the patch pipette by an arrowhead. Scale bar: 50 μm. b. Representative recordings from EYFP-expressing O/A IN transfected with scrambled siRNA (siCTL; top), siRNA targeting TRPC1 (siTRPC1; middle), or siRNA targeting TRPC4 (siTRPC4; bottom). Left traces: Ionotropic glutamate receptor-mediated EPSCs evoked by a single stimulus. Right traces: slow EPSCs in the same cells. Calibration bar values are identical for the three groups) c. Summary bar graphs of amplitude of slow EPSCs for all cells. Numbers above bar graphs represent the number of cells in each group. (*p < 0.05)

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